If you have lived in Bakersfield California for awhile then you have more than likely visited the small town of Tehachapi or at least have driven by it.

Tehachapi is known as the land of 4 seasons. For those of us who live in Bakersfield, such as myself, you know that Bakersfield is mostly brutally hot and humid, especially during the summer time. Springtime and wintertime is usually very small. Tehachapi is naturally about 10 degrees cooler than Bakersfield during the summer time. Plus, it is usually windy there so there is always some kind of breeze going on. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature, Tehachapi has a lot to offer if you are someone who likes a small quaint and quiet town.

Since I plan to move to Tehachapi in the near future, I have been visiting the town at least one weekend a month. During those times I like to bring my camera so I can capture as much of the area as I can to give people a visual view of what the town looks like and some of the awesome places to visit and also eat.


Downtown Tehachapi Welcome sign.

One of the most historic areas of Tehachapi is Downtown. Most of the photos I will be displaying in this blog post was during my visit of the downtown Tehachapi area. Which is where you will see a lot of rich Train history, and a lot of locally own stores and antique shops. When you are driving through Tehachapi, you will see the Downtown Tehachapi sign that points to the direction of Downtown. If you ever take a trip to Tehachapi, I recommend checking out downtown. It is the heart of Tehachapi, and driving through it, you will see why.

These pictures above are from the Tehachapi Depot. This is where you will visit the history of trains. If you like trains like I do, then this will be a place you will enjoy. It offers a Train Museum.  There is also a restaurant within the Depot where you can catch a bite to eat. During Christmas, they have a tree lighting in front of the Depot.


Tehachapi clock that is in front of the Depot.

The Depot Clock is what I call the photo above. It is in front of the Depot and it says it was established in 1909. Not sure if that is when the clock was established or the Depot itself.


Boutique in downtown where you can find some nice dresses.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the Depot also offers some shops right close by where you can shop while you are checking out the Depot and catching a little train history. This is one of the small clothing stores within the Depot location. I didn’t go inside and check it out, but I liked the sign as it was pretty unique. I am sure if you live there and you ever needed a nice dress or a special occasion, they would probably have one in your size : )


One of the best places to eat downtown.

If you ever visit Tehachapi, I really recommend this place to eat. It is also in downtown. Sean and I will always grab a nice meal here when we visit. The food is great and also so is the service. They are always friendly and helpful. It has a rustic feel inside although they have remodeled about a year or so ago. Every time we go there it is always clean and well kept. There is a little curio cabinet inside where you can purchase some jewelry. And when you sit at one of the booths, they will supply you with some interesting and often humorous reading material. If you read it, and like it, you can also purchase it in front of the restaurant like you can with the jewelry.

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Gallery N Gifts is pictured in this slideshow along with some other small shops in the downtown area. Gallery N Gifts is a small little local owned shop where you can buy things that people have made themselves. Anything from jewelry, stuff for your pets, your yard, and also  candles and soaps. In the back of the store is a gallery of art which consists of paintings and photography from local photographers and artists. It is a must see if you ever visit downtown Tehachapi. The Tehachapi water Tower is a great thing to see too. It is across the street from Gallery N Gifts. It looks really cool lit up at night. : )


The Tehachapi Loop.

Last and definitely not least is The Tehachapi Loop. The Loop is not located in downtown, but it is still a must see if you ever decide to visit Tehachapi. You can see it when you are driving by Tehachapi. But it is even more spectacular when you actually go where you can see the loop. It shows a huge stone plaque that tells the history of the loop. A train doesn’t always pass through every time you visit…I got lucky on this day. But the train does frequent the Loop quite often. Sometimes you just need to hang out for a little while to catch it passing through. : ) It is well worth the wait. : )

Well, that is all for my little downtown tour for now…Until I visit in the winter time. I will be posting up more photos from our Tehachapi visits that will showcase other parts of the town. Tehachapi is also known for its wine tasting and it’s apples. Thanks for visiting this little piece of Tehachapi downtown. Leave a comment and share the post if you would like. : ) It is very much appreciated. : )



If you would like to visit some of the places I mentioned in this blog posts you can do so at the addresses listed below:

Gallery N Gifts

100 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Village Grill

410 E Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Tehachapi Train Museum and Depot

101 W Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, CA 93561