Hundreds of people around Kern County participate in The Mission at Kern County Mission Possible 5K event to raise money each year.

On Saturday, April 20th, The Mission at Kern County had their sixth annual 5k run, Mission Possible. The event was held on the beautiful trails surrounding the California Living Museum. (10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy). The event offered cooked-to-order hot pancake and sausage breakfast for all who attended along with raffles and other great prizes. This event benefits the Mission by providing help for Kern County families in need. Over 400 people attended last year and this year they also had a pretty good turnout.

Participation medals were given out at the end of the 5K race to entrants who had high scores in select age group categories.

Participation medals were awarded to each participant who crossed the finish line by Jr Miss Kern County JoVi Mongold.  Placement medals were also given to the top males and females in each age category.

Jr Miss Kern County JoVi Mongold waits to place a participation medal on an entrant crossing the finish line.
Mission Coordinator Jamie Durham prepares medals for winning finalists in each age category.

Mission Possible 5K was open to participants of all ages and some entrants even brought their dogs who raced with them. Dogs bring great fun and energy to an event like this to adults and children of all ages. These pooches seem to enjoy the participation and the attention they get at the event.

Some of the participants really excelled during the 5K race which included a young teenager, Ashley Morgan, 15, who is no stranger to these 5K events. She participated in the CASA 5K event earlier this month. She took home a couple of medals in the Mission Possible 5K with her outstanding run times in different age group competitions.

Ashley Morgan crosses the finish line displaying her participation medal.
Ashley Morgan was a big winner showing off her  participation medals in 2 different age categories.

The Mission at Kern County dedicates their time serving the communities of Kern County by helping people and families in need. They provide quality shelter, food, and clothing while also providing services to help people get back on their feet. If you would like to know more about The Mission at Kern County, or would like to volunteer or donate, you can do so by calling the following number at (661) 325-0863, or visiting their website at